EuroSkills Graz 2021

Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum: The New Competition Location for Euroskills 2021

With the new date for the EuroSkills 2021, a new event location has been found: the “Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum” close to Graz will be the new venue for the competitions. Not only does the change of scene provide more space, but gives off a real “festival feeling” as well.

The first Austrian edition of EuroSkills in September 2021 is expected to be one of the first rays of hope in the events sector as well as a true “festival for young professionals”. What better place is suited other than the spacious open-air site of the Schwarzl Freizeitzentrums with its efficiently structured and flexible infrastracture. Approximately almost 70.000 square metres are now available for European Championship of Young Professionals at the new competition venue. Alongside its spacious open-air area, which covers around 57.000 square metres, both halls situated on site – Premstätten-Halle and Davis-Cup-Halle – will be used for the competitions. In total, around 10.000 square metres more are provided than before.

Another huge advantage for young professionals, every participant and visitor is also, of course, the Schwarzl See, a lake directly on the grounds, which gives the EuroSkills event a unique flair. After an exhausting day of competing, it offers the opportunity for winding down at the lakeside in a relaxing ambience – for good reason Lake Schwarzl and the “Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum” itself are some of the most popular local recreation facilities for the residents of Graz. Additionally, the “Schwarl Freizeitzentrum” is within easy reach for visitors and anyone who is interested: due to its direct connections to the motorway and sufficient parking space at the site and being in close proximity to the aiport Graz as well as it being easily reachable by public transport, an attendance at the EuroSkills 2021 can be organised effortlessly. When it comes to planning, organising and logistics, the Leutgeb Entertainment Group, which is the skilled team behind the “Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum” is of great assistance, too. Klaus Leutgeb’s team has extensive experience in planning and the successful performance of numerous large-scale evens at their command.

Here is what Klaus Leutgeb, managing directer of the Leutgeb Entertainment Group, has to say: “As the operator of the Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum, my whole team and I are very proud to be part of this great event and are already looking forward to EuroSkills 2021 – the European championships for young professionals. Events like EuroSkills 2021 offer an amazing opportunity to highlight the importance of professional training in regards to the labour market as well as underline the importance of qualifying our young talents. I am deeply impressed that the organisers of EuroSkills 2021 – despite the challenging conditions of COVID-19 – were able to successfully find a solution and have this great event take place. At the same time, in spite of being in the face of adversity, they are making a point to look forward sanguinely and take this as an example for positive outlooks.”